Instant Pot Enchilada Pasta

Listen – I’m no photographer but I PROMISE, this meal is everything.

I am IN LOVE with the Instant Pot.  If I plan accordingly with my shopping list, I can make incredible meals in little time.  After a full day of momming and work, quick is necessary.

To add a level of complexity to our meal planning, hubs is a bean hater/meat lover and kiddo is a vegetarian.

Here is the recipe:


Soooo – because of the vegetarian, I followed the Notes (exclude beef, add corn and beans.)  But because the husband hates beans, I cooked them separately and added them after I scooped his dish. 🙂

Even my best friend’s kid loves this meal and it is so easy.

I would love some comments with your favorite (preferably vegetarian sans beans) instant pot recipes!!